What are Mamaschic beads?

Mamaschic bead necklaces and jewelry are made from high-quality silicone beads, they are stunningly beautiful & babies absolutely love them!  They are lightweight, durable & washable….not to mention stylish!

Mamaschic beads are made in a factory that specializes in silicone baby products such as baby teething toys and beads.

The silicone beads are manufactured in a licensed factory with the following certificates: FDA, LFGB, EN71, America F963, ASNZS ISO 8124, CCPSA.
The factory is certified by BSCI as well.

Why are Mamaschic beads made of silicone?

Relieving teething pains.

Some of the ways to relieve a baby’s teething pain are cooling and massaging the painful area. The silicone beads create the massaging feeling and you can refrigerate the necklace if needed.

Fun play

The necklaces become something babies can reach for, grab and play with.
Your baby can focus on colors and shapes, thus sharpening his or her visual skills. Your baby will be focused on the necklace. No more painful head turning distractions.