01. About the designer

Dear Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and friends, my name is Avivit Singer, I'm a fashion-oriented artist based in Berlin, and mother of two children.

When I became a mother I didn’t want to give up taking care of myself and looking stylish, but as many of you know being fashionable and being devoted to your baby can be a pretty hard task.

Frustrated that I could not wear any of my beloved jewelry, I decided to come up with an alternative!

02. My story

I remember my mother coming over to help me with Ethan when he was six months old.

My mother was wearing a necklace she cared deeply about and Ethan – being the healthy strong baby boy that he was – tore it off her neck in one pull.

The next couple of hours were spent on the floor looking for beads, in fear that Ethan might have found one and swallowed it. As a result, I started researching baby safe solutions and found these magnificent silicone beads.

I learned to craft the beads into the safest necklaces while not compromising on my fashion preferences. The results were thrilling!

My baby boys, Ethan and Beeri were fascinated by the colors, and I, for a change, felt like the fashionable woman I used to be while still prioritizing my children’s health and safety first.

Now that my boys are a bit older, I decided I wanted to share MAMASCHIC, with the hope that it will bring as much joy to other parents as it did to me